Theme stylesheets not being found by typo trunk


Hi all,

I have setup an install of trunk typo using trunk/edge rails.

It’s all working swimmingly, except that the theme css is not being
found and I am hoping someone has an idea (or two).

so, the url is /stylesheets/theme/azure.css, the relevant entry in
routes.rb is:

map.connect ‘stylesheets/theme/:filename’,
:controller => ‘theme’, :action => ‘stylesheets’

but it looks like the theme controller is never called. I get a 404 in
my browser, the logger message I put in the stylesheet method in the
theme_controller never gets logged, and the log says:

Processing RedirectController#redirect (for at 2006-06-07
14:39:30) [GET]
Session ID: f59c658c2e885da754aa2f50e2dcea3a
Parameters: {“from”=>[“stylesheets”, “theme”, “azure.css”],
“action”=>“redirect”, “controller”=>“redirect”}

But the only reference to the redirect controller in routes.rb is
right at the end:

map.connect ‘*from’, :controller => ‘redirect’, :action => ‘redirect’

I don’t really know where to look next before debugging the rails
routing code itself.



Mark Aufflick
e: removed_email_address@domain.invalid
p: +61 438 700 647
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