The Rails Edge

Hi Folks,

Apologies in advance for the blatant advertisement. Hope I marked it
correctly in the Subject line this time. :slight_smile:

Just thought you might be interested in our new regional Ruby/Rails
conference series. The first will take place on November 16-18 in
Denver, CO.

What’s It About?

You all know that Rails and Ruby are on the move. Every month brings
new tools, new techniques, and new ideas on how to use them. But how
do you keep up with the latest and greatest tools, techniques, and

The Rails Edge is a 3-day, single-track conference where we all
sharpen our edge throughout the year. Having one track means that
everyone shares the experience, and everyone can build on each
session during the breaks and in the evenings. It means we have a
critical mass of folks, and all the more experience to share.

Who’s Involved?

By attending The Rails Edge, you’ll spend 3 days learning from folks
you probably already know from the Ruby/Rails communities:

  • Dave T.
  • Chad F.
  • Jim W.
  • Marcel Molina Jr.
  • Bruce W.
  • Stuart Halloway
  • Justin Gehtland
  • James Duncan Davidson
  • Mike C.

These folks participate in all the sessions, with one or two people
actually leading each session. That way, everyone is on hand to help
answer questions and share their experiences. And throughout the
conference we’re all learning more from each other.

What Will I Learn?

Get up to speed and stay sharp on these leading edge topics:

  • Metaprogramming Ruby
  • Rails and Ajax
  • ActionPack Demystified
  • Building View Frameworks
  • Rake: Building Up Ruby
  • Rails Reflection
  • Design Patterns in Ruby
  • Rails: The Right Tool for the Job?
  • ActiveRecord Demystified
  • Ruby Idioms for Rails Programmers
  • Deploying Rails Applications
  • Buried Treasure: Hidden Rails Tips
  • …and more!

We’ll also have plenty of time for all that good hallway discussion
that makes conferences so unique.

Register Now and Save

Registration is now open!

Check out all the details and take advantage of early bird
registration at:

We hope you’ll join us on the edge!