The RAA needs a makeover


If can have a makeover, why not
The UI is a bit clunky, and there is no web service backend. That means
net-http + screen scraping in order to interface with it. Ick.

Warning: stream of consciousness follows…

Of course, what I really want is tighter integration with RubyForge.
The RAA is good for finding libraries, but bad for finding projects in
the large. RubyForge is good for hosting projects (and bug tracking,
etc), but its search capabilities kinda suck.

Ok, maybe all I really want is a page that shows new packages and/or
updates to existing packages as a link off of RubyForge itself
(, hypothetically), in the same way that
CPAN has the “recent updates” page at
This, plus a way to link the package to a standalone description and/or
its parent project home page.

Hm…but then there’s the hosting issue. What if people don’t want to
host on RubyForge? What then? Tough luck? Maybe the ‘recent’ page on
RubyForge would still be good idea, but it would be limited to RubyForge
projects only. That still leaves us with the necessity of a separate
RAA, though.

Back to my original idea then - rewrite the RAA using Rails, add web
services, minor fixes, tweaks for the UI and some minor database changes
(e.g. allow project names longer than 15 characters).

Then there’s the deployment issue. It’s annoying having to update
RubyForge and the RAA separately. Gregory B. and I wrote a package
called www-raa with the notion of giving it to Tom C. so that
updates to packages on the RAA would automatically update the
corresponding RAA entry (assuming it exists).

As Gregory mentioned, maybe this would be mitigated by giving it to Ryan
Davis, and having it integrated with Hoe as part of a “rake deploy”
task. Perhaps “rake deploy:raa” or “rake deploy:all” or something.

I think others have written libraries/packages that do this but I can’t
remember what they are at the moment.

Anyway, thoughts on this issue welcome.



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On 9/20/06, Berger, Daniel [email protected] wrote:


If can have a makeover, why not

Of course, what I really want is tighter integration with RubyForge.

When I first started using Ruby (fairly recently), I quickly got the
impression that the RAA wasn’t really used much anymore, and that
everyone uses RubyForge instead.

The front page of the RAA site doesn’t have any “About this site”
link, no site docs, no mention of who the guilty parties are, and the
last news item says that something “is under indefinite suspension”
and is from over a year ago. Also the dates on the projects listed on
the front page don’t include the year.


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