The other flash based sub-notebook


I just recently bought the other flash based sub-notebook (OFBsN) and
feel a little left behind with all this talk about the OLPC. :slight_smile:

I got the Asus Eee PC, a black 4 GB Surf model with 512MB of memory. I
upgraded the memory to 2 GB already. It has 4GB of flash with an
external SD/SDHC slot and 3 USB ports. It uses the 900 MHz Celeron M
ULV CPU thottled back to about 700 MHz. It has a 800x480 color LCD with
LED backlight. There seems to be tons of modifications available. It
has ethernet and wireless but no mesh networking. It comes with Xandros
and a simple UI out of the box. Replacing the operating system is not
too difficult.

It is a neat device. Not as cheap as the OLPC. I plan on running both
Lunix and Windows XP on it. The main purpose will be for running some
Windows based radio programs and Linux GNURadio using the USRP. Maybe
this will get me to improve the performance of my Mode S code so it will
run on a slower CPU.

It would be neat to have a USB based SDR receiver that just plugs into
the USB port. I have a neat HDTV/Analog TV receiver that just plugs
into the USB Port. The analog decoding is done on the computer.

The RFSpace SDR-IQ is more of the form factor I like but I would also
like the higher transfer rates of the USRP and the ability to plug-in a
front-end. Something like a single RX board version of the USRP (USRP
Lite?) would be great.

73 Eric