The name 'admin' is reserved by Ruby on Rails


I’m gettting: " The name ‘admin’ is reserved by Ruby on Rails" error
when generating an extension (I’m following the tutorial).

I saw some discussions going on the list about this issue but, unless
I’m missing something, it doesn’t appear the issue has been resolved.

Any ideas on how to sove it? Workaround?

Thanks in advance.


I thought I was getting closer to figuring it out today, but it is
weird. Using the gem on one machine I don’t get it, on another I do.
When I get a chance, I will look further into just what the
differences are.

For now, I just do it without the admin and change the few things
that need it by hand…


I have yet to reproduce this error; like you say, there must be some
difference between the two setups. Of course, it’s been my opinion for
a while that having the /admin namespace is not necessary in an
extension since you can define the route prefix. To each his own.


I’m getting the same problem… radiant 0.6.2(gem). :confused:

On 8/9/07, Luigi R. [email protected] wrote:

Thanks in advance.


Sylvestre Mergulhão - Free Software Development

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