The meaning of ActiveRecord::Base.connection.migration_context.last_stored_environment

Can someone please explain what


means semantically?

Due to it’s naming I would expect that it would just contain the last stored environment — which could be different if someone switches the environment.
So if I did something in development before and switched to test environment, I would expect, that ActiveRecord::Base.connection.migration_context.last_stored_environment returns 'development' and ActiveRecord::Base.connection.migration_context.current_environment returns test.

But my understanding regarding this, is either wrong or my understanding regarding ActiveRecord::Tasks::DatabaseTasks.check_protected_environments! is wrong.
Because check_protected_environments! does the following

current = ActiveRecord::Base.connection.migration_context.current_environment
stored  = ActiveRecord::Base.connection.migration_context.last_stored_environment
 if ActiveRecord::Base.connection.migration_context.protected_environment?
  raise # "You are attempting to run a destructive action against your '#{env}' database…"

So when current is 'development' but stored is 'production' it will raise with the message “You are attempting to run a destructive action against your ‘production’ database…” although the current environment (where we expect to run those queries against) is 'development'.

So I’m clearly miss out something.

Some Background

What I’m trying to do is, dropping the postgresql database from a rake task and making sure before that there’s no open connection left:

  # terminate all open DB connections
  db_config = ActiveRecord::Base.connection_config
   query = <<-SQL.strip.gsub(/\s*\n\s*/m, ' ')
      SELECT pg_terminate_backend(pg_stat_activity.procpid)
      FROM pg_stat_activity
      WHERE pg_stat_activity.datname = '#{db_config[:database]}'
        AND pg_stat_activity.procpid <> pg_backend_pid();
   ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute query

  # dropping the database

So I would expect that everything runs fine on my development machine without providing any environment variables like RAILS_ENV or DISABLE_DATABASE_ENVIRONMENT_CHECK because I should stay in development environment anyway. But somehow I’m running into the ActiveRecord::ProtectedEnvironmentError because last_stored_environment is set to production and the whole thing doesn’t make any sense to me.

PS: I’m very open if someone knows a better way to kill all open connections beforehand but I also want to know why the source is as it is.