The file uploading doesn't work in remote_form_for tag

Hi all,
i have tried to upload a file through the remote_form_for tag, but not
getting the file uploaded, and getting number of errors,
Pls guide me in this directions
Saurabh P.
[email protected]

You can’t do file uploading using form_remote_tag or any of it’s
Javascript does not have access to your file system for security

Try using an IFRAME to do the uploading instead.

Check this out for a clever iFRAME based approach which works :slight_smile:

Hi Saurabh,

You can not use a multipart form with Ajax. Please look here to
accomplish what you want


On Jan 7, 1:43 am, Saurabh P. [email protected]

ok … I m really thankful to you for your guidance and support!!!
I will try by other ways…
Thanks again!!!
Saurabh P.

On Jan 7, 6:36 pm, “[email protected]