The error occured while evaluating nil.gsub!

#{RAILS_ROOT}/app/controllers/start_controller.rb:13:in `create’

class StartController < ApplicationController

def create

#------------Remove Tag---------------------------

@name = params[:name]
@file = params[:filepath]

@file = @file.gsub!(/^.*(\|/)/, ‘’) # replace html tags with blank

post =[“removetag”])


The problem is with the ‘!’ in the gsub. That indicates that the
substitution should take place in the original string.

The cleanest solution is to simply remove the “@file =” from the front:

@file.gsub!(/^.*(\|/)/, ‘’) # replace html tags with blank

But you could also remove the ! and keep the variable assignment:

@file = @file.gsub(/^.*(\|/)/, ‘’) # replace html tags with blank

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Then again, if I’d had my first cup of coffee already I’d have noticed
that the REAL problem is that @file is nil, so you’ll need to examine
how @file is set and test for it being set to nil before you do the


David S. (AFTER first cup of coffee…)
[email protected]