The Compleat Rubyist / June 18-19 2010 (corrected)

[apologies for the double post – had an incomplete paragraph]

Still suck at Ruby and want to get better? Can you be in the Chicago
area on June 18-19? Then we can help!

== The Event

The Compleat Rubyist is a unique 2 day training event ran by David A.
Black, Gregory B., and Jeremy McAnally. If you attend, you’ll be
part of a great mix of presentations, workshops, and panel discussion
on four topics that every Ruby user should be well versed in:

  • Ruby Versions and Implementations
  • The Testing Landscape
  • Meta-programming
  • Best Practices in Style and Substance

== Why Trust Us?

We’re all published authors who have written popular Ruby books.
We’re active in the community, and you can find us at conferences. We
love sharing our knowledge with others, and are always happy to learn
a thing or two from our fellow Rubyists as well. If you come to TCR,
you’ll feel like you’re at an ‘event’ just as much as you are at a
‘training’. It won’t be dull, we promise.

== What to expect

While we expect you to know some Ruby basics, you needn’t be some guru
in order to benefit from what we’ll be covering in this event. We’ve
worked hard to make sure that our content will be valuable to both
intermediate and advanced Rubyists.

Back in January, we ran a TCR event in Tampa, FL and had an absolutely
great time. We found that we were able to connect with all of the
folks who attended the course, giving them the custom attention they
needed to get past any rough patches in their Ruby understanding. We
tweaked our event on the fly to meet the needs of our students, and
having three instructors with a small class size really made that

While in town, we also got together with the Tampa Ruby group and had
some great conversations over food and drinks at a local restaurant.
We hope to set something like that again in Chicago, as this was one
of the most fun parts of the event.

== Register!

You can find all the important details about the event at:

You should also follow us on twitter for updates:

If you can’t attend, but like the idea, please help spread the word!


Gregory (on behalf of the TCR Trio)