The competition?

The ‘gmail’ video seems really interesting:

where is the ‘gmai’ video? besides it looks like a client javascript
development .isnt rails a server side thing? or am i missing something

Check out the video here:

I got it from a friend. Maybe they only sent it to beta testers?

it looks like it allows you to make an application without the need
for a web/db server. It then ‘synthesizes’ the code you created in
this thing and then turns it into pure html/javascript/ajax

i dunno seems cool, but not sure how well it scales. depends on what
you are trying to do. Plus this thing does not look intuitive at all.


It’s available in a zip file from the front page…

  • james


Now that’s just frightening. MS Access rewritten to run on top of
Javascript, and with Pascal replacing VB. I struggle to imagine a
more hideous frankensteining of technologies.

Pete Y.

I put up a review I did on Morfik if anyone’s interested:

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