The best solution for a dynamic form in RoR


a little newbie question about the form

I want a dynamic form similar to this

instead to have a drop down menu I want a radio button option

  • radio button 1
  • radio button 2
  • radio button 3

in function of my choice (|radio button 1| OR |radio button 2| OR |radio
button 3|) appear in the same page a different form


the solution is set in the app the following gems?

  • simple_form gem
  • jquery

thank you in advance


Hello, maybe using hide() and show() of jQuery could be a solution.

2012/1/26 Cluter V. [email protected]

Guilherme Pereira Dutra,
MBS Tecnologia,
Fone: (34) 8407-0109
[email protected]

thanks Guilherme

your idea it’s the best solution to figure out my issue

pd. I’m working on it

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