Textmate "e ." in the Video

From the newbie corner…

In the demo video our illustrious Rails guru summons textmate with “e
.” from the command line, magically opening textmate within the
context of the respective rails app.

I downloaded textmate, love it, but want to know how to make the same
magic happen from the command line, rather than having to open the app
via gui in the Applications folder.


D'Andrew "Dave" Thompson

Try “mate .” in your project directory.

Go to the help menu in TextMate and select “Terminal Usage…”.
Select the location where you would like the symbolic link to the mate
command to be created, then click “Create Link”. Once this is done,
you can type “mate .” in your project directory, or “mate -h” for more


Ah…I just found the magic…I needed to have Textmate create a link
in my path for me.

Using Textmate 1.1b17

  1. In the Menu select Help > Terminal Usage…
  2. Select the location to create a terminal link.
  3. Select the “Create Link” button.

Then from your project directory type “mate .” at the command line
(thanks Adam) and watch the magic happen just like the video.

On 11/8/05, Adam R. [email protected] wrote:

context of the respective rails app.

D'Andrew "Dave" Thompson