TextMate Bundle using Gedit


Hello All, is it possible to use a textmate bundle in Gedit? I’m
Ubuntu 8.04 at the moment.



I do not think so. As you probably know, there are several plugins
(snippets, project browser?) you can enable to get close though. You
might want to try Netbeans. I switch between Ubuntu 8.04 and OS X
regularly and I prefer Netbeans over Textmate. It’s that good.

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For what I know you can’t use the TM bundles…
But like mgutz pointed there’s a lot of plugins. There is some
alternatives to achieve something like TM bundles. Look at this links:

Think that GMate is the most complete. I use these as base for my
customizations. My current configuration has also this plugins:


thank you all for your responses. i will have to give Gmate a try. I
have an
old iBook G3 (it’s 8 years old) and still works. I’ve been thinking of
buying a new macbook, but still haven’t decided if i want to spend the
just to use TextMate. I really like the new Mac’s, but it comes with a
price tag. So for now i will stick with Ubuntu.



You should try the VIM also for ruby and Ruby on Rails development.


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