TextMate and rails, an offering and a question

Yesterday, i wrote a little TextMate command which helps writing rails
db test fixtures. It’s an auto snippet with a tag trigger of item
which gets dynamically generated from db/schema.rb

I wrote about it in my blog

Now the question, the macromates web site has a screencast of the
rails bundle, in which Duane J. shows some neat migration
snippets which don’t appear in the standard Rails bundle shipped with
TextMate (my TextMate is about a month old, and Duane’s screencast is
from last year.

In particular, he shows things like mdct which generates a drop table
in the up method of a migration, and a create table in the down method
derived from db/schema.db.

Following links got me to

And from there to a download page for the syncPeople rails bundle.
This seems to be a replacement for the standard TextMate rubyonrails

Is there a reason why the additional function isn’t in the ‘current’
textmate ROR bundle? Rails 1.2 incompability perhaps?

Rick DeNatale

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