Textile css classes / id's

hi, I’ve been having a look at the
Textism: Tools: Textile web page and can’t seem to
find a
way to apply a class to a list. I understand normally it would be

p(rss). hi =


but why doesn’t this work?

*(rss). hi =

  • hi

any ideas…?

thanks, josh

On Aug 23, 2006, at 10:02 PM, Josh Stockwell wrote:

any ideas…?


when I use:

*(example) A first item

  • A second item
  • A third

I get:

  • A first item
  • A second item
  • A third

Which is what I think you are after. Drop the “.” and it should work.
I just tried this out at both Textism and in Radiant.

Another really great resource for Textile formatting comes from _why
for the Hobix blog thing he wrote. It is a bit more in depth that
textism, and it all applies to the Redcloth library.


Keith B.