Textfield and params



I have a question about getting the data from a
textfield. Normally, I put a textfield inside of a
form, and when a click on the button associated to the
form, the data written inside the textfield is sent to
the variable “Params” and I can get it from there.

However, now I have click on a link outside of the
form which contains the textfield. and the data of the
textfield is not sent to “params”…so I have not idea
how to get it… I’m not really sure, it is a ruby
question or a normal html question… Does anyone has
any idea???

Thanks you very much


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Your link generates an http GET request, and what you want is a POST
request, generated from within a form. The GET request does not send the
data from the form. (thought you could use a <form method=“get” …>)

In the past I have used the link to trigger a JavaScript function to
submit your form. Here’s a nasty snippet. Probably there is something
classier in the prototype library?

Hope it helps! --Allen