Text to Hash

I’m trying to parse some text to break into a Hash with Key Value pairs.

The text looks like this:

“Business Services”,"$2,480.31"

Each string is the key, each dollar amount is the associated value.

How would I break this apart?

(I’ve tried using split to break the text up on \r\n and , but I can’t
to get the key value association part).


Assuming your data is in a file named ‘list.txt’, here’s a crude but
effective way to do it.

  • initialize your result to an empty hash result_hash = Hash.new

read in your data one line at a time File.open(‘list.txt’).each do
|line| # break the line on commas, less the last (\n) character into
fields split_line =
line[0…line.length-2].split(’,’) # use the first field, less the
quotes, as the key key = split_line[0].gsub(/"/,’’) # use the
remaining fields, joined with commas, less the quotes as the value
= split_line[1…split_line.length-1].join(’,’).gsub(/"/,’’) # merge
into your result_hash result_hash.merge!({key => value}) end*

Thanks for the reply. I actually ended up learning about the CSV class
used CSV.parse.

(and the data wasn’t in a file but it looks like the CSV class would
me covered there too).


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