Text_field_with_auto_complete with regular expression

I’m using text_field_with_auto_complete to index the keywords of
something.I created a ‘resource’ model,and it has a ‘keywords’ column.
in the resource controller:
auto_complete_for :resource,:keywords
and in the view:
<%= text_field_with_auto_complete :resource, :keywords, {:onfocus =>
“resource_keywords_auto_completer.activate()”}, {:method
=> :get, :frequency => 0,:after_update_element =>
“function(element,value){” + remote_function(:url =>
{:action => :search},:with=>"‘keywords=’+element.value") + “}”} %>

Let me explain it.I want to redirect to a page with parameters when
somebody click the listed items.This is not the keystone,the keystone
is how can I index the ‘keywords’ column with a regular expression?
(the original regular expression doesn’t fits me).
For example,I have a “resource” whose keywords is “Michael J.”,in
the original condition,when I type in “ael Jac”,the “Michael J.”
keywords can be indexed.But when type in “Jackson Michael” it can’t.I
want the “Michael J.” to be indexed whichever I type in “jackson
michael” or “leahciM” or “aelMich” or"sonJack". ie.separate every
words to match the “keywords”.

How can I do this?I need a help,please…