Text_field_with_auto_complete and Chrome

My auto complete field does not work in Chrome and just wondering if
anyone else has had this issue and have you gotten it fixed?

My view code:
Type in closest home airport:
<%= text_field_with_auto_complete :airport, :city,
{:value => @airport.city + “[” + @airport.code + “]”,
:class => ‘airport_city’}, :skip_style => true,
:select => ‘airport_city’ %>

My controler code:

auto_complete_for :airport, :city

def auto_complete_for_airport_city
auto_complete_responder_for_airport_city params[:airport][:city]

def auto_complete_responder_for_airport_city(value)
@airports = Airport.find( :all,
:conditions => [‘LOWER(city) LIKE ?’, value.downcase + ‘%’],
:order => ‘city ASC’, :limit => 5)

render :partial => 'airports'


The funny tghing is that I only have this issue in Chrome and Safari and
not IE or firefox. Thanks for any and all help,