Tetris (#210)


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Tetris (#210)


Inspired by the recent 25th anniversary of Tetris1, this week’s quiz
is to create a Tetris style game. You may use a graphical framework
such as Gosu2 or Rubygame3, or even a simple console output. Feel
encouraged to share any libraries that you think may be useful. You
may find the solutions to last week’s quiz will come in handy in your
solution to this week’s quiz.

Have Fun!

I would recommend looking at using Gamebox. Gamebox sits on top of
and makes things much easier to get started.

As a side note: JamesKilton has already contributed a tetris game in the
gamebox examples directory.



I’d love to answer questions or help you get setup using Gamebox.


2009/6/19 Daniel M. [email protected]

On Jun 19, 2009, at 12:12 PM, Daniel M. wrote:

Inspired by the recent 25th anniversary of Tetris[1], this week’s quiz
is to create a Tetris style game.

I dug around and found an old Ruby implementation I did. It’s dated

James Edward G. II

Though there were no solutions submitted this week, we learned of
gamebox1 a framework built on top of Rubygame2 to spring board
game development. I would also recommend checking out Gosu3 as well
if you are interested in other game development tools for Ruby.

There is also a solution by James Edward G. II from 20044.