TestR 14.2.0

TestR - Continuous testing tool for Ruby

What is it?

TestR is a continuous testing tool for Ruby that efficiently
detects and tests changes in your Ruby application & test suite:

  1. Absorbs test execution overhead into the master Ruby process.
  2. Forks to run your test files in parallel and without overhead.
  3. Avoids running unchanged tests inside changed test files.

What is new?

New features:

  • Add ability to run testr rails
    without needing a .testr.rb file.

  • testr(1) no longer shows command menu
    at startup. Press ENTER to see it.

  • testr(1) now notifies you before
    absorbing overhead at startup.

Bug fixes:

  • testr(1) now accepts death silently
    when Control-C is pressed.