TestR 14.1.0 (re-sending)

(Re-sending; forgot ruby-talk rejects PGP/MIME signed e-mails. Sorry!)

         TestR - Continuous testing tool for Ruby

               Version 14.1.0 (2011-11-03)

What is it?

TestR is a continuous testing tool for Ruby that efficiently
detects and tests changes in your Ruby application & test suite:

  1. Absorbs test execution overhead into the master Ruby process.
  2. Forks to run your test files in parallel and without overhead.
  3. Avoids running unchanged tests inside changed test files.

What is new?

New features:

  • Add embedded BinMan manual pages to bin scripts. All TestR scripts
    now have a --help option which displays their UNIX manual page.
    Try it!

    The single-line JSON message protocol used by these scripts is now
    documented in their manual pages, so you should have everything you
    need to create your own custom user interface to TestR if you
    wish! :slight_smile:

  • Make servers responsive to quit request (SIGTERM) from upstream.

    This change lets the user quit testr-master(1) while it is loading
    test execution overhead (which can be a lengthy, blocking operation).

    By sending a signal to the server, we don’t have to wait for it to
    finish processing its current command before seeing our :quit command.

Bug fixes:

  • SIGCHLD does not awaken main thread in Ruby 1.9.3p0.


  • Simplify watch(1) ps(1) process title monitoring.

  • Testr: tell user to press ENTER after command key.

  • README: add tip on loading factory_girl factories.