Testing views with RSpec


I’m making my first app using BDD. I’m using RSpec with Steak for
acceptance tests and Capybara.

It is a good idea to test all views, for example login or sign up
form, to check if all the inputs are rendered, if password input is of
type=“password” etc.? Or rather while doing BDD it is not practiced to
write also views specs?

And if yes, how can we test views, to check for example for existence
of some input? I see that Capybara have method such as has_selector?,
but unfortunately it didn’t work in views specs. I think that testing
views by only contains?() method could be uncomfortable, for example
to check for password field we would write:
rendered.should contain(’<input type=“password” name=“user[password]” /

'), but it won’t work, if that input have for example some css

So, what are the practices in BDD on testing views?


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