Testing the RTL DVB-T stick with GRC

Hi Gents,

I am very new to Gnu Radio and this is my first post here.
First of all thank you for your great work!

Recently I have bought ezcap USB2.0 DVB-T dongle and I am trying to test
it with GRC. I have installed put the “GNU Radio LiveDVD release
2013-0926” on a Live USB and booted my PC from it.
GRC seems to work fine and I have tested few simple flow graphs

I was not able to find in this distribution however any real GRC example
with the RTL2832 source. I am trying to introduce myself gently in RTL
SDR and GR and I think the best would be to experiment with working GRC
flow graph model.

I have found on the internet some RTL GRC models but all of them loaded
with missing blocks (probably due to GRC version incompatibility?)

So my question here is which RTL GRC examples do you suggest that one
can use with release 2013-0926 so get gently into the fascinating world
of SDR and GNU Radio project?

Thank you

Hi Again,

Let me answer to my question for the GNU radio newcomers.

The following link contains most of the information one need to get
started with RTL SDR.

The first GRC example best to be: