Testing the Engines plugin


Hello again,

If you’re interested in helping test the Engines plugin, I’ve created
a simple test project to act as a base for such tests. This project
can be found in


Essentially it’s a very simple Rails project which includes a number
of externals and test engines. Since it would be very difficult to
test the behaviour of the Engines plugin without it being situated
within a Rails environment, this is probably the simplest way to make
sure that it operates as expected. The externals it will pull down

As always, you’ll probably want to edit the config/database.yml to
suit your setup. To select a particular version of Rails for testing,
you can use the provided ‘rake switch_rails_*’ tasks, i.e.

rake switch_rails_1.0.0 # sets a symlink from vendor/rails -->
rake switch_rails_edge # sets a symlink from vendor/rails -->

(if you’re using windows, symlinking probably wont work at all, so you
can just copy/rename/whatever it is you windows folks like to do).

If you’re running Edge Rails, make sure you uncomment the
Engines.config(:edge, true) line in environment.rb.

Finally, to run the tests just type ‘rake’. At the moment, I get no
reported errors with Rails 1.0.0 (hurrah!), and two errors with Edge
Rails (boo!). That should be enough to get started, I’m still
documenting the tests and engines to explain exactly what should be
going on.

Thanks in advance for your help and patience, folks…


  • J *