Testing RSS feeds on functional tests (yet another question)

Is there any commonly used way to test RSS feeds and/or XML output?
I have done my research and found those two links


My first attempts were to use assert_tag directly. I knew the response
wouldn’t be XHTML, but thought the parser would deal happily with
XML. It turns out it doesn’t.

It seems to not like the tag that is mandatory in RSS 2.0. The
message I
get is something along the lines of ‘ignoring attempt to close channel
with link’,
but the XML is well formed.

The guy on the message and blog post above proposes a solution to
problem (namely asserting against other XML data sources) and it
seem to apply to mine. I have no problem with asserting against the
body only, but I need to use a parser that recognizes RSS or at least

Before I proceed to write my assertions using some XML processing lib,
I need to
ask how are you guys testing your RSS feeds?


Thiago A.