Testing issue with creating a view/layout

Bad subject line, but not sure what would be better.

My issue only seems to happen in testing and I want to see if I can
find a way to fix it.
My rails app will host many domains each with its own layout. (stored
as layouts/sites/ID.html.haml)
This layout is generated when the site instance is created. When
testing, rails does not pick up the fact that there is a new layout

Example using cucumber…

Given there is a site known as “site1”
When I am on the press releases page

The layout is generated and save in the first step. The 2nd step a
simple webrat visit doesn’t see the new layout. Even if I premake the
layout before running the feature, the webrat step does not see the

Is there anyway around this? How does one force rails to “refresh” the

Rails normally checks on each “hit”, but it seems the webrat hits are
different, like all in one session.

Many thanks…