Testing for multipart form uploads


I’m trying to do integration tests that require uploading files via
multipart posts.

Have seen a very similar discussion, but cannot get it to work. Maybe,
it’s out of date now with Rails 1.2.3:

From what I understand, fixture_file_upload’s output is translated a
String. There’s a ticket discussing this here:
The solution there is to use code that does the multipart encoding:

Again, it doesn’t work. The file I’m getting is a truncated version of
the original.

This is my code:

fdata = fixture_file_upload(fname,‘application/octet-stream’)
url_for(:controller=>:support_files, :action=>:create),

BTW: On the other side, I’m using acts_as_attachment to process the
multipart data. It works fine when I’m using a browser to upload.

Any recommendations on how to get this to work in an integration
testing environment?


A quick update, if anyone’s interested:

The solution, shown in the ticket below, actually works fine AFTER I
fixed the file read to open in mode ‘rb’ and not ‘r’.


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