Testing File Upload error


I am trying to build some tests where a file is uploaded and than
processed by file column. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the new
fixture_file_upload that was introduced in 1.1 but I can’t seem to
get it to work correctly. I am trying to run a functional test to
make sure that a redirect is made to the appropriate page from a
create action. I create an issue and the issue can have a picture
attached to it, and depending on if the user wants to create another
issue or not is redirected to another form or they are redirected to
a list of all issues.

Here is the basic user flow:

Action called: new
fill out form
action called: create
redirected to either action list, or action new

if I comment out the following line:

‘cover’ => fixture_file_upload(’/files/
18932_20051218002317_large-1.jpg’, ‘image/jpg’),

everything works as it should and the test passes however if I leave
the line in I get an error for the test. However the error is not
consistant, In my action I create two objects based on the single
form (one is a child of the first). I have recieved template not
found for action create errors which is true as create is not a page,
as well as Mysql::Error: Column ‘issue_id’ cannot be null:.

Any thoughts? Am I going about testing a file upload wrong? the form
and actions work perfect in my dev environment where I upload and
fill out the form manually but in test it does not.