Testing E100

I have just installed the official image for the E100 and booted it…
How to test the FPGA is built and it is good to go?
please any steps will be helpful ,thanks

I tries uhd_usrp_probe

– Opening device node /dev/usrp_e0…
Error: AssertionError: ::ioctl(_node_fd, I2C_RDWR, &data) >= 0
in virtual void i2c_dev_iface::write_i2c(uint8_t, const
at /home/root/src/uhd.git/host/lib/usrp/e100/e100_ctrl.cpp:148

and uhd_find_device

linux; GNU C++ version 4.5.3 20110311 (prerelease); Boost_104500;

– UHD Device 0