Testing create action with associations


In my objects controller, I call the following in order to create an

def create
@object = @account.objects.build params[:object]

respond_to do |format|
  if @object.save


The account variable is populated by a before filter in

When I try to test this though, I keep receiving a nil object error.
It seems to be that the test does not recognise the before filter and
therefore cannot create the object.

How do I make my test recognise the account variable?

Thanks in advance.


Robin F. wrote:

Thanks in advance.


If it’s a functional test, the filter will be run (assuming it’s being
called), so there’s probably some other problem. You can try putting a
logger.debug “this has been run and @account = #{@account.inspect}” in
the filter, and then checking the logs, or a: p assigns(:account).
Hope this helps

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