Testing connection to DB through IRB, NameError Uninitialized constant

Hi all. I’m running into an issue where I want to test out the connection to the db. I’m trying to access my Articles table. I have a file in models “article.rb” and inside it has:
class Article < ApplicationRecord
When I go to my CMD and type the command “rails console” then follow up in IRB with “Article.all” I am receiving this error

2.7.1 :001 > Article.all
Traceback (most recent call last):
        1: from (irb):1
NameError (uninitialized constant Article)

Here is a few pictures to show I have article.rb properly in modesl file and the code inside article.rb

I’ve solved the issue as advised from /r/rails by running the command bin/spring stop . I’m new to RoR so I haven’t a clue as to what spring does but I have an idea it helps preload the app faster. I’ll look into it and exactly why that happened.

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