Testing acts_as_attachment?

Since attachment_fu isn’t working for me at the moment, I’ve switched to

Does anyone know how to set up a simple unit test for
acts_as_attachment? I’ve ventured into the included tests but they’re a
bit over my head, to be honest.

Is it possible to use fixtures to test aaa?

For example, suppose I have a simple model called Picture, which has
just the basic acts_as_attachment fields. How would I set up some simple
unit tests to make sure it’s working? Can I use fixtures or do I need to
use methods in my unit tests to use fixture_file_upload?

I’m wondering if anyone has any straightforward examples for a very
simple case that I could learn from. Thanks!



I found this test helper on the Rails wiki, works like a charm.

returns an uploaded screenshot you can use to test file uploads in

your controllers
def uploaded_screenshot
samplescreenshot.jpg", “image/jpeg”)

returns an uploaded movie you can use to test file uploads in your

def uploaded_movie
samplemovie.flv", “video/flv”)

get us an object that represents an uploaded file

def uploaded_file(path, content_type=“application/octet-stream”,
filename ||= File.basename(path)
t = Tempfile.new(filename)
FileUtils.copy_file(path, t.path)
(class << t; self; end;).class_eval do
alias local_path path
define_method(:original_filename) { filename }
define_method(:content_type) { content_type }
return t

put that in test_helper.rb

Then in your controller test, put this:

update a fragment

uses test helper uploaded_screenshot() to simulate a file upload

def test_should_update_fragment
put :update, :id => 1, :fragment => { :title => ‘new f’ },
:screenshot => { :uploaded_data
=> uploaded_screenshot }

assert_redirected_to fragment_path(assigns(:fragment)),


On Mar 7, 10:06 am, Jeff C.man [email protected]

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