Test_usrp_inband_rx and setting frequency


i am trying to change the frequency in the test_usrp_inband_rx of the
the apps-inband directory of the svn.
So i added to test_usrp_inband_rx.cc the lines

long myfreq;
pmt_intern(“rf-freq”), pmt_from_long(myfreq) );

define_component(“server”, “usrp_server”, usrp_dict);

in the constructor.

if i set myfreq=44000001 test_usrp_inband_rx fails to connect to the
usrp (failed to open usrp:(() #f)status = #f)
but not with myfreq = 44000000 which is 44mhz although i got a RFX1800
which should not work with frequencies lower than 1.8Ghz?

Is myfreq to be meant in Hz ?

Am i missing something or is there maybe something broken in the


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Axel Rengstorf wrote:

define_component(“server”, “usrp_server”, usrp_dict);

The inband signaling work only supports the BasicTX/RX daughterboards.
It’s pending on C++ daughterboard support.

  • George