Test-unit-runner-tap v1.1.1

I’ve just released a new version of test-unit-runner-tap. The previous
release, v1.0.0, was the initial spin-off from the main test-unit gem,
housing TestUnit’s original TAP runner. This release, v1.1.1, improves
TAP runner and adds TAP-Y/J runners. TAP-Y/J can be used with TAPOUT gem
produce a variety of useful and aesthetic test report layouts.

The latest version of test-unit (v2.4.7) is needed to use this runner.

Please report any issues to
Issues · test-unit/test-unit-runner-tap · GitHub so I can fix as
soon as possible.

I want to thank Kouhei S. for giving me opportunity and support to
contribute to the TestUnit project. Big Thanks!!!