Test-unit-rails 1.0.2


test-unit-rails 1.0.2 had been released!

Web: http://test-unit.rubyforge.org/#test-unit-rails
Install: http://test-unit.rubyforge.org/#test-unit-rails-install


test-unit-rails is a Rails adapter for test-unit 2. You can
use full test-unit 2 features, RR integration and Capybara
integration with test-unit-rails.

Rails supports Test::Unit bundled in Ruby 1.8 and MiniTest
but doesn’t suppot test-unit 2. Rails with test-unit 2
works but is not fully worked.

About this release:

Bundler 1.2.0.pre.1 is supported. If you want to use
test-unit 2 with Rails and Bundler 1.2.0.pre.1, please use
this version.

Note that this version changed require path to support
Bundler 1.2.0.pre.1. You should require
“test/unit/rails/test_help” instead of “test/unit/rails”.


h2(#1-0-2). 1.0.2 - 2012-07-05

h3. Improvements

  • Supported Bundler 1.2.0.pre.1.
    [GitHub#1] [Reported by Michael D.W. Prendergast]

h3. Thanks

  • Michael D.W. Prendergast