Test Unit error when requiring proctable

Hi there, apologies if I am asking in the wrong forum.

I am trying to add a method to my test suite that uses the proctable
class to read process ids.
I installed using “gem install sys-proctable”

I then placed require ‘sys/proctable.rb’ in a subclass from the test

So I have for eg in test_file.rb
require ‘source/core/Browser’
test details etc…

In Browser.rb, I have
require ‘sys/proctable.rb’

require ‘time’
gem ‘watir’, “1.5.3”
require ‘watir/dialog’
require ‘watir/WindowHelper’
require ‘watir/contrib/enabled_popup’
require ‘watir/contrib/ie-new-process’

When I try to execute the test, I get an error
uninitialized constant Test::Unit::UI::NORMAL (NameError)

The test loads correctly if I comment out require ‘sys/proctable.rb’.

Any help/hints would be appreciated


Any help/hints would be appreciated

Change require order maybe?

Roger P. wrote:

Change require order maybe?

Yeah, tried that, but no luck.

Actually, it works now. I set up proctable in a new module, and
required that module in TestDefaults, and all is good in the world.