Test-unit 2.5.2


test-unit 2.5.1 has been released.

Web: http://test-unit.rubyforge.org/#test-unit
Install: gem install test-unit


test-unit is an improved version of Test::Unit bundled in
Ruby 1.8.x.

Ruby 1.9.x bundles minitest not Test::Unit. Test::Unit
bundled in Ruby 1.8.x had not been improved but unbundled
Test::Unit (test-unit) is improved actively.

About this release:

It’s an improvement release for tmtms. @–location@ is a similar
feature to @–line_number@ in RSpec. @sub_test_case@ is a similar
feature to @context@ in shoulda-context and RSpec.


h2(#2-5-2). 2.5.2 - 2012-08-29

h3. Improvements

  • Cleaned up tests.
    [GitHub#34] [Patch by Michael Grosser]
  • Added missing background color for 8 color environment.
  • Added workaround for NetBeans.
    [GitHub#38] [Reported by Marc Cooper]
  • Added @–location@ command line option that selects target tests
    by test defined location.
  • Created sub test suite for each subclassed test case.
  • [ui][console] Supported nested test suites.
  • Added {Test::Unit.at_start} and {Test::Unit.at_exit} hooks that
    are run before/after all tests are run.
    [Good hook name is suggested by kdmsnr]
  • Improved code snippet target on failure. Test method is always used
    for code snippet target.
    [GitHub#39] [Suggested by Michael Grosser]
  • Added {Test::Unit::TestCase.sub_test_case} that creates sub test
    The sub test case name isn’t limited Ruby’s constant name rule. You
    specify the sub test case name in free form.

h3. Thanks

  • Michael Grosser
  • Marc Cooper
  • kdmsnr