Test - Skip Setup


I want to write a functional test using the default test unit that is
included with rails 3.
Is there a way to skip a setup call?

So I’m trying to test the users controller.
But to access those actions, I need to be logged in. So I put a login
algorithm in my setup.
But I do not need to be logged in to create a new user. This is why I
want to skip the setup call.


On Jul 27, 7:59 pm, Eric Y. [email protected] wrote:

want to skip the setup call.

Either split those tests out into a different test class or look at
something like shoulda for more flexibility around the contexts tests
run in.


Quoting Eric Y. [email protected]:

want to skip the setup call.

Logout as the first step in the test, then try to create a new user. Or
create another test file with no setup just for the test.


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