Test gets with rspec

Hi body, i just want to test gets with rspec, I see something on
stackoverflow but doest work to me
I would like to know too
When i run the tests a method that should be tested has called gets
method and it run when i test, so i have to push ENTER to pass the gets
method ever time i test the app.
Someone know how can i solve this?
Thanks everone.

Hallo Body? Who? Some Body?

Anyway, if you would like help, then you really need to include your
program and the error message.

Sounds also, like a look at the documentation for gets would help:

Ruby’s irb is also a useful tool to try things out with, especially when
you just want to see what a core method or class does.

$ irb
irb(main):001:0> gets
this that the other
=> “this that the other\n”

gets _get_s a _s_tring, mostly from the user. The input string is
terminated by pressing the return key. puts _put_s a _s_tring, mostly to
the user.

You probably don’t need to test gets, but you may want to test what your
program is doing to the input from gets, which is a good reason to
separate this part of your program into two methods, the first gets the
user input, the second method takes a string argument and does something
to it. This second function can be tested.

RSpec.describe TalkBack do
it ‘says everything backwards’ do
expect(talk(‘stressed’)).to eql(‘desserts’)

class TalkBack
def getStringFromUser

def talk(user_said)