Test case for crete action

How to write rspec for:

@community = Community.new(params[:community])
@community.url_title = params[:community][:title].parameterize

I searched for it for long but didnt get any positive result.

You need to provide a bit more detail in order to help here.
Basically what you want to do, I believe, is to test when you call the
method that encloses that code, it sets the @community.url_title with

you’ll need to pass the params over to the method and test that at the
end of the method call, @community.url_title has the expected result.

If you provide more context, I could show you an example.



Thanx luis to take interest in my query.

The above code is in my communities_controller.
Its inside the create action.
I want to pass the title of the called community in the url. Before
passing it to the database i m converting title as an url by using
parameterize method.
I wrote a test case for it as follows:

Community.stub(:new).with({‘these’ => ‘params’}) { mock_community(:save
=> true) }
post :create, :community => {‘these’ => ‘params’}
assigns(:community).should be(mock_community)

But it gives the following failure:
Failure/Error: post :create, :community => {‘these’ => ‘params’}
undefined method `parameterize’ for nil:NilClass

So help me in writing test case for it.