Ternary operator

In my rhtml file I have tried

<% @problem.reproducible ? "Yes" : "No" %> reproducible is a boolean field.The above not working And i checked <% @problem.reproducible ? puts("Yes") : puts("No") %> Now I get required result on console So how to print it on screen

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start it with


to indicate it will be output in the view.

On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 11:33 AM, Sijo Kg

On 20 Aug 2008, at 11:33, Sijo Kg wrote:

In my rhtml file I have tried

<% @problem.reproducible ? "Yes" : "No" %>

Beginner’s mistake:

<%= @problem.reproducible ? “Yes” : “No” %>

To show something on your page, you need the “=”

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O sorry

On 20 Aug 2008, at 10:33, Sijo Kg wrote:

You need to use <%= instead of <% if you want the result to be
inserted in the page.