Tengine-2.0.3 is released

Hi folks,

Tengine-2.0.3 (development version) has been released. You can either
checkout the source code from GitHub: GitHub - alibaba/tengine: A distribution of Nginx with some advanced features
download the tarball directly:

We introduced ngx_http_reqstat_module to provides access to running
information for each domain, url, etc.
The full changelog is as follows:
*) Feature: added support for collecting the running status of Tengine
according to specific key (domain, url, etc). (cfsego)
) Feature: added support for generating package of debian/ubuntu
.deb). (betetrpm, szepeviktmr)
*) Change: merged changes between nginx-1.4.6 and nginx-1.4.7. (chobits)
*) Change: optimized the parsing and searching strategy of upstream by
using rbtree. (SarahWang)
*) Change: updated the copyright.
*) Bugfix: fixed bugs of session-sticky module. (dinic)
*) Bugfix: fixed compiling and installing issues of DSO modules.
*) Bugfix: fixed bugs of SPDY protocol. (chobits)