Tengine-2.0.0 is released

Hi folks,

We are glad to announce that Tengine-2.0.0 (development version) has
released. You can either checkout the source code from GitHub:
https://github.com/alibaba/tengine or download the tarball directly:

The highlights of this release are support for SPDY v3 (flow control),
enhanced DSO module.
Tengine is now based on Nginx-1.4.4.

The full changelog is as follows:
*) Feature: now DSO module does not need the original source code or
compiler options when compiling a new module. (monadbobo)
*) Feature: added support for SPDY v3, and SPDY/HTTP servers can listen
the same port. (lilbedwin、chobits)
*) Feature: added support for setting retries for upstream servers
memcached, fastcgi, scgi, uwsgi). (supertcy)
*) Feature: now tfs module can report access status to rcs while
*) Feature: now the directive “if” supports “>”, “<”, “>=”, “<=”
for numeric comparison. (flygoast)
*) Feature: now upstream health check module uses keep-alive
*) Feature: now trim module can handle SSI and ESI comments properly.
) Feature: now directive “expires_by_types” supports wildcard such as
". (zhcn381)
*) Feature: added variables starting with “$base64_decode_” to encode
variables in base64. (yzprofile)
*) Feature: added variables starting with “$md5_encode_” to encode
variables in md5. (yzprofile)
*) Feature: added a variable “$time_http” to get the current HTTP time.
*) Feature: added a variable “$full_request” to get the original request
URL with scheme and host. (yzprofile)
*) Feature: added variables starting with “$escape_uri_” to escape
variables into formal URL syntax. (yzprofile)
*) Feature: added a variable “$raw_uri” to get the original URI without
arguments. (flygoast)
*) Feature: added support for logging subrequests in nanoseconds.
*) Feature: added a new API function to encode URL into base64.
*) Change: merged changes between nginx-1.2.9 and nginx-1.4.4. (cfsego)
*) Change: now stub_status module does not log subrequests. (jinglong)
*) Bugfix: fixed a bug in footer module when reading a response with a
“Content-Encoding” header. (yaoweibin)
*) Bugfix: fixed a bug when “client_body_postpone_size” is set to 0.
*) Bugfix: fixed a compilation warning of Lua module. (diwayou)

For those who don’t know Tengine, it is a free and open source
of Nginx with some advanced features. See our website for more details:

Have fun!