Tengine-1.4.4 is released

Hi folks!

We are excited to announce that Tengine-1.4.4 (development version) has
been released. You can either checkout the source code from GitHub:
GitHub - alibaba/tengine: A distribution of Nginx with some advanced features or download the tarball directly:

The highlight of this release is the session_sticky module which
session persistence between a client and a server. By using this module,
subsequent requests will be dispatched to the same upstream server as
the first request. Its syntax is very similar to HAProxy’s.

BTW, Tengine is now based on the Nginx-1.2.7, the latest stable version.

The full changelog is as follows:
*) Feature: added the session_sticky module by using which one client
can be always served by the same upstream server. (dinic)

*) Feature: now the sysguard module can protect the server based on
the amount of free memory. (lifeibo)

*) Feature: added support for geoip regional database in geoip module.

*) Feature: log_empty_request can also disable the logs for timeout
empty request. (yaoweibin)

*) Change: merged changes between Nginx-1.2.5 and Nginx-1.2.7.

*) Change: CPU affinity is off by default now. (cfsego)

*) Bugfix: fixed a bug that sysguard and upstream_check module didn’t
compile on Solaris 11. (lifeibo, yaoweibin)

*) Bugfix: fixed a bug with TFS module that it might return bad

*) Bugfix: fixed a bug with TFS module that it might corrupt large

For those who don’t know Tengine, it is a free and open source
distribution of Nginx with some advanced features. See our website for
more details: http://tengine.taobao.org

Have fun!