Templating-like system recommendations?


We want to add a significant new feature into our inhouse RoR system -
we want to let admins create web pages that display data pulled from
our database.
We (I think) have figured out how to give them the data, but, where I
would love some advice is on how to give them a robust ability to
create the pages. Is using something like Liquid the way to go? They
would need to be able to enter full html (or a language that gives you
full control over the html) in addition to being able to place values
from the data.
Has anyone done something like this? Does anyone have any
recommendations for plugins, etc that would make writing such a system
a bit easier?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




No one is doing user-editable html pages?


Thanks Rick… I actually mentioned Liquid in my post. I was hoping
for a more robust framework / gem / base application to do more (like
drag and drop adding of model fields or some built in views for model
visibility) rather than having to code it all ourselves!

Thanks… maybe this is just the way it is.

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Phil S. wrote:

No one is doing user-editable html pages?

Hi Phil,

There is liquid:

It is not pure HTML but allows user-editing of pages. It is used in the
shopify product offering. I have never used it, however, the developers
of it are well known and top notch folks.

It may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but food for thought.