Templates extension help


Hey Sean,
What’s the suggested version of radiant to run with the suggested
version of
the templates extension.

I tried http://github.com/radiant/radiant/tree/master with

and am running into lots of problems…

for example…
what javascript file defines the “Behavior” class?


You have a nil object when you didn’t expect it! The error occurred
evaluating nil.filter

25: %span#filter-type= filter.filter_name

app/helpers/admin/pages_helper.rb:10:in filter' app/views/admin/pages/_popups.html.haml:25:in_run_plugin_47app47views47admin47pages47_popups46html46haml’

Looks like the templates extension didn’t set filter on some page part
perhaps? If this is required why isn’t there a validation for it.

Step away for Radiant for a year… and everything changes




It should work on 0.6.9. Behavior comes from lowpro.js, which I use all
over the place. My apologies if it’s not in there. I’m not sure what’s
causing that filter error, unless your Radiant version is not 0.6.9.