Template question

I developed a simple blog for myself and friends to keep in touch with
family back home.

My structure consists of an account controller and a blog controller,
which handles the basic database I/O.

However, im very new to rails. What I want to do is load all my calls
in the same web layout. I heard partials are the way to go with this
sort of usage, can someone explain to me or direct me to a very
detailed guide on how to best do this? I looked at the definition of
partials and such, but it doesn’t explain (at least not in plain
english) how to make a global template page that simply calls all the
partials as needed.

Help would be greatly appreciated,

create a file app/views/layouts/application.rhtml.

Put your layout in that, then where you want the actual page to go, put
<%= @content_for_layout %>
As long as there’s not another layout in that folder by the same name as
the controller, all views will be automatically put inside that layout.

Partials ARE the way to go, but they’re more for small sections of a
page that you may want to include on multiple pages.
inside the view, you do <%= render :partial => ‘section1’ %> then in
your views folder have a file called _section1.rhtml. It will be

Happy coding!

Thanks, it worked great! I got it running exactly how I wanted it.

One other question though, im sure I’ll learn from experimentation, but
i’ll ask anyway.

I have two controllers, blog and account. My blog controller has my
basic MySQL functions (post, edit, delete, list). My account controller
has my login/logout/create user functions. I want to link to my
functions in account from the blog controller. How would I go about
doing that? My app is done in function, just trying to organize it now,
so it’s mostly tweaking for me now.