Telling the time (was: Ruby Reports Roundtable on Freenode (

Robert K. wrote:

The worldclock link I posted earlier is an excellent site for handling
that. For example, I put my collection of cities in a URL and have a
FF keyword on it - so I just need to type “clock” in the address bar
and get an overview page with all city times I’m interested in.


And for a slightly more confusing and less accurate solution, there’s my
tiny (240x40) clock at the bottom-left-hand corner of this page:

Actually, I find it a handy visualization of the time around the world.

The satellite view of the world and the time zone marks at the top
remain stationary while the hour marks at the bottom and the attached
noon and midnight icons and dates shift left a pixel every six minutes
(or thereabouts).

I’ve marked the PST, EST, UTC and AEST (Australian Eastern, when I am)
time zones. You can tell the time by hovering over the abbreviations for
the tooltips, or by reading the adjacent lines down to the time markers
on the bottom. Of course, don’t forget to add an hour for daylight
saving (in the northern hemisphere at the moment)!


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