Tell me about the ruby and rails version to develop


What’s the version of ruby and rails that you guys are using to

ruby 1.8.7?
ruby 1.9.1?
ruby 1.9.2?

and about rails?

We will start a pilot project here to evaluate the learning curve and
team productivity.
Can i take some help?

Ruby 1.8.7 or 1.9.2; not 1.9.1. IIRC, 1.9.1 has some issues (anyone
or correct this?)

I’d say Rails 3; many supporting gems have been or are being updated,
I’d guess before long most of the newest versions of various gems and
libraries will assume and/or require Rails 3.

But even aside from that, if you are starting out evaluating Rails with
legacy rails apps to support, I don’t see any reason not to start with
Rails 3.0.x (whatever the latest stable version happens to be as of this